10 online referral marketing amplifiers

Referral marketing beats classic marketing. It is the tool of choice in times of diminishing advertising impact and high comparability. It’s about much more than the simple question of referral addresses. Being recommended by its customers is not only the most effective, but also the most cost-effective form of new customer acquisition – the smartest return-on-investment strategy ever. 

With our article “10 online referral marketing amplifiers“, we give you in cooperation with E commerce Shop Development company for a first, fundamental help for the successful entry into e-commerce advertisements.

We show 10 measures to make your referral marketing even more successful: 

Action 1.If you send a newsletter or other information, you stimulate the handover, for example, as follows: “Surely you know people for whom this newsletter / this offer might be interesting. So we are very grateful if you forward this e-mail to three people. ” 

Action 2.Copy the Amazon method. With its recommendation systems makes the online consignor – is rumored – to the 25 percent increase in sales. And this is how it works: Customers who bought product x also bought product y (collaborative system). Or so: since you recently bought product x, you might also be interested in product y (content-based system). About 30 percent of videos are viewed on YouTube because they are recommended to users at the end of a clip. 

Measure 3.Ask enthusiastic customers for written statements in which they talk about the quality of their work. One can not have enough such statements. Do not just include them in offers, sales documents, sales letters and brochures. Put matching testimonials on your website – preferably on the start page, for example in a slider. 

Measure 4.Become active in the social web. Write good blog and Twitter contributions, which is often shared, linked or retweeted. Bring your expert opinions to Internet forums. Regularly report on what you are doing in the input fields on Xing, Linkedin, Facebook & Co. And comment on the professional contributions of other people with respect and substance. Keep yourself back as far as possible with self-promotion. Shine through expertise. 

Measure 5.Create free content for download. These are specialist papers, white papers, checklists or e-books that offer readers value in their area of ​​expertise. Here, too: First and foremost, document technical expertise; your achievements, on the other hand, are only briefly mentioned. You can upload such elaborations on your website or offer specialist portals for recruitment. As good posts in the social web are freely disseminated, you quickly get into conversation as an expert – and thus also to inquiries and orders. 

Measure 6.Do not just wait for reviews to be posted on the web, actively invite them to do so. It goes like this: “Discuss in our forum about …” Or: “Tell us your story ….” Or: “Upload pictures that show what you have experienced with our products beautiful.” Or : “Please rate us …” Or: “If you have a chance to write a short review …” At Monarch Wildlife Cruises & Tours in New Zealand this sounds like: “We are happy to share your experiences, pictures and videos with you Share with other wildlife fans on our Facebook page or recommend us at TripAdvisor. ” 

Measure 7.Show positive online reviews on your website, preferably in a rolling form. Change these constantly to make yourself interesting again and again. Install social plugins, ie share and like click boxes on your websites and social media presences – ideally as a two-click solution. Include icons and widgets of rating platforms on your pages. 

Action 8. Get links to high-end pagerank links to your own page. Because the currency on the web is called Link. Every link is like a little recommendation letter. He tells Google Co. how popular a page is. Measure 9.
Create viral videos. The bleak boss Tom Dickson, for example, shoots at the American blender manufacturer Blendtec as he shreds various objects in his high-performance blender at the suggestion of the viewer. In this way he made the household appliance a bestseller. On YouTube alone, the film of pulverizing an iPad reached over 17 million views. 

Measure 10. If you operate an online shop: Install a rating system there. According to an ECC trade study, the probability of buying increases by almost 40 percent when positive product ratings are displayed.

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