Do you use the correct method of using tweezers when grafting?

Obviously, I like the eyelashes, even though I have practiced so many times, but the grafting effect is still not satisfactory! Have you thought about the correct way to use the tweezers?

1. The method of taking the scorpion

The international standard implementation method is to take the straight hand in the left hand and the curved hand in the right hand. Some people are used to getting the right hand and the back. But whether you are left-handed or not, you should take a straight hand in your left hand and a curved hand in your right hand! When using the scorpion, the thumb and the middle finger are used, and the index finger is used for auxiliary use. The force used by the fingers is commonly known as the “female force” in the beauty industry, not the death force. This is to avoid excessive force and can be easily grafted, so that the action is too large and excessive. The way to take the scorpion is the most important point in the safe grafting. Always confirm that there is no bad habit. 

2. Plucking
First, let the curved scorpion dial loose false eyelashes, and separate the false eyelashes one by one. Be careful not to use excessive force. It feels that you can easily stop the plucking action by simply taking the roots. 

3. Correctly take
the hand-held curved Eyelash tweezers, the tweezers are almost perpendicular to the false eyelashes, and use the tweezers to clamp the third end of the tip end of the eyelashes, and directly extract the long eyelashes obliquely upward (in their own direction). Do not pull the hair in the opposite direction of the false eyelashes, which will cause the false eyelashes to deform or bend.

4. After sticking the 
hairpin, the false eyelashes are generally placed on the true eyelashes at a distance of 0.5mm from the root (the distance between the different eyelashes from the root is slightly different) to ensure that they do not touch the customer’s skin and increase the false eyelashes. For stability, you can perform the action of the slip before you stick (be careful not to slide back and forth too much) to evenly stick, so the effect is more durable.

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