What is cricket? Cricket Rules

750 years Englishmen play this game. What cricket is, what it means for an island nation, can only be fully imagined after reading its history.

National treasure

Cricket is not only a cult English game in the open air, but also part of British culture and history, an integral feature of the nation. It is impossible to imagine Churchill without a cigar, Sherlock Holmes without a pipe, and England without cricket and Agatha Christie, whose father was president of a local club, and a lot of lines of which are dedicated to this game. That only is the phrase of Hercule Poirot from the story “Cards on the table” that everyone should play their own game of cricket! By sacramentality, it is equal to the Russian maxim “We will all be there.

Deep roots

Differently, you can answer the question “what is cricket.” First of all, this is one of the ball and bat games , which include lapta, baseball, golf, and croquet (another purely national fun, described, for example, in the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll chapter vii). The exact time and place of origin of the game is unknown, but it is believed that this is the Middle Ages and the south-east of England. In connection with a similar sport , Kent County is mentioned , where local people already in the XIII century enjoyed themselves in the fresh air with a Cricket Ball and a
Cricket Bat, instead of which, in those ancient times, a curved shepherd’s stick, cric, was used. Most likely, this gave the name of the game, although there are other options for the emergence of the name, and the controversy has not abated until now.

Specific dates

There are suggestions that in the era of the early Middle Ages, the game moved to continental Europe, and only then, in the 17th century, cricket returned to England, where it became a national sport. One way or another, the first club appeared in Hampshire, the city of Hambledon, in the 60s of the XVIII century. Naturally, for decades the inhabitants of this province were considered the best players in England. Then, and this is also natural, the center for classes in cricket moved to the capital, where platforms began to be built, powerful clubs were created, under the influence of which the existing rules of the game were changing even for centuries. The current ones are also very confused and specific. Therefore, you can get an exact answer to the question “what is cricket” at the Marylebone Club, in London. It is here that the world center of the game and the International Cricket Council (ICC) are located.

Spread the game around the world

Britain had a lot of colonies, and even was known as an empire, over which the sun never set. Therefore, the national game of the British gained distribution in the territories under their control. Cricket is incredibly popular in Australia and India. They know what cricket is in New Zealand and Pakistan, in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Africa. There are national teams of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada and the Caribbean. Despite an extensive list of countries, among Olympic sports, cricket did not last long. The motivation for exclusion is the lack of competition. This happened, perhaps because the Summer Olympic Games in Paris in 1900 were attended by only two teams – from England and France, and the British won, of course.

Remarkable historical moments

However, the history of the development of the national game knows a significant example of rivalry between the national teams of England and Australia. The passions at that time were so great that they were reflected both in literature and in cinema. The meeting ended with the victory of Australia, marked the beginning of the annual tournament called “Ashes”, which translated from English means “urn with ashes.” This name symbolized the death of English cricket.

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