Which website type is suitable for my company?

Every company that wants to gain a foothold on the internet faces the one question which type of website would be the best for the beginning. 

At the beginning I would like to say that this contribution is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Of course, there are several types of websites make the web development companies that have already established themselves in the market. I’m counting only the few variants that might be relevant to us here.

The web business card

A web business card is, in most cases, a single static HTML page. A web business card offers the visitor only the most important information about the company. 

A web business card is particularly suitable for catering, small shops and craft businesses such as painters and varnishers, plumbing and heating technology or car repair shops. 

The onepage website

An onepage web site, like the web business card, consists of only one HTML file, but can be static or dynamic. 
The onepage offers much more content than the web business card, it runs in the length and is equipped with a navigation. 

Since different forms of use offer such as an offer list, a small photo gallery or more detailed descriptions of services, an onepage website is the best way to present a company on the Internet. 

An onepage is especially recommended for small businesses and the self-employed, such as photographers, service providers of all kinds, craft companies and even small production companies. 

The online portfolio

The company portfolio can consist of any number of subpages and is therefore the most complex website type with regard to the creation and maintenance of a website. 

A portfolio is usually implemented with a content management system (CMS) to simplify the creation and maintenance of content. Often not only important information in visual and text form is offered, but also sound and video material, but also flyers and other useful downloads. 

The information offered by an online portfolio makes it particularly suitable for medium-sized companies or larger companies with a larger customer base. 

The web business card and the onepage are pure landing pages, as these web site types do not have subpages – in other words, the web page that is displayed on the landing page is the website itself. 
In the portfolio, there is again a home page (landing page) which is displayed on the call and corresponding sub-pages. 

Of course, the different variants are different in their complexity and also have different technical requirements, which must also be taken into account when choosing the website type. 

For the effort required for a website, the necessary resources of know-how and time must finally be provided. 
In addition, different technical requirements in turn bring different prices for the Webostern. 

My recommendation is definitely to start small, so with a web business card or with an onepage. If an onepage is not enough, you can still upgrade to a portfolio later, just as with the webhosting selection. 

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